Agencia Aduanal CONSELTA SC

Manzanillo, Mexico

I address you with respect, through this medium, in order to get his orders to offer our services import, Integrated Logistics and Customs Procedures, the Port of Manzanillo Colima, Ensenada B.C. and Lazaro Cardenas.

We seek to provide all importers and exporters reliable solutions; agile offices, with advice on logistics, focused on reducing costs and transparency, with competitive prices and excellent level of personalized service; these are our main goals.

Our interest also, is to contribute with our experience making a connection with staff of its represented, advising in foreign trade, creating an environment that allows communication from the beginning of their transactions for import operations on arrival, before causing unnecessary expenses (3 days) and achieving success in delivering your goods with third parties or is just in time to plant.

We perform proformas of motion and proformas expense, before importation for the right decisions in their transactions with foreign suppliers.

Contact information
Lázaro Cárdenas No. 14
Manzanillo, Colima
Tel: 314-1206646
Tel: 314-1206646
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